Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

Digital marketing has become vital for many businesses; much has changed and will continue to change. This means that one ought to know the best way to stay ahead of the curve. In 2020, the following are some of the trends to watch out for.

1. Social Commerce

You might have come across this concept, otherwise known as ‘shoppable posting.’ This allows people to shop online directly from a social-media post or ad. The idea is not entirely new, but, thanks to the new Instagram boom, the trend is likely to become increasingly common.

2. Influencers

People buy what they trust, and social-media influencers have done an excellent job in convincing people to buy from you. This trend has accelerated over the last two years, and there is no reason why it should stop now.

However, an issue arises when influencers become the ones running the show. Before, companies would simply send a free sample and hope for a positive review. Now, they have to allocate budgets specifically for social influencing.

3. Original and Interactive Emails

Email marketing is another concept that might not be on its way out of the digital marketing space just yet. However, given that people are getting busier, and therefore have less time to read long emails, you now must send emails that are both concise and interactive. This has become very important, and some companies are already reaping the benefits of this strategy.

4. Niche Social Channels

Just because it is a social-media channel does not mean it is right for your business. Many people are already starting to lose interest in Facebook. More focus is now on Instagram, Medium, and Pinterest. With all this in mind, you must check where your target audience lies and then leverage the platform to maximise the benefit to your business.