Start Page: SEO and Digital Marketing

In this site, we have stated personal feelings about this topic. We have talked about types of digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-per-click (PPC), Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate marketing, and Email marketing. We have discussed each of the named types into details giving the reader an opportunity to get informed fully. Also addressed in the site is how the digital market has been an advantage in the marketing platforms. We talk about how the digital market uses social media, emails, websites and search engines to connect with customers and how it has made easy and efficient connections between the two parties involved.

We have covered the different jobs involved in digital marketing. The positions we have included in this site are like an analytic manager, mails marketing manager, sales manager, copywriter, web director, digital marketing director, e-commerce manager, search manager among many others. We have shown how digital marketing is more significant, unlike internet marketing. Due to the demand for digital marketing, the number of people connected to the digital jobs has also increased. We have even talked about how jobs connected to digital marketing has increased compared to posts related to the internet marketing. We have handled first jobs which are in demand and have included them in the site for our readers.

Besides that, we also focus on some skills required in digital marketing. We have highlighted some related; sale skills, social media advertising skills, marketing channel skills, good personality, and good marketing campaigns. We talk about how digital marketing operators need skills. The site also clarifies how the operators need critical and creative skills to bring more success in their industries. We have also noted how digital marketing has benefits which have given broad access to the market due to prices which are affordable. We also teach our readers about some of the digital marketing tools like the google trends, keyword planner among others.